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Playfulness, based on fine dining and aiming at continuous novelties is one of the major criteria characterising the cuisine of Eszter Palágyi. The determining memories of pig slaughtering events taking place early in the morning, fresh milk and milk with cow hair inspire her not only to create dishes close to nature and to recycle the family recipes, but these memories are also essential for her in order to process the raw materials always with respect and competence. She bravely exposes traditional Hungarian dishes to the cooking technology procedures of the French cuisine; thus, continuous development has become the signature of her cuisine.

Novel methods and ideas derive not merely from her experimental spirit, but mainly from her determination; usually those tasks inspire her which seem to be impossible to start with. Therefore, all her dishes are characterised by going beyond the general rules of physics, processing methods requiring high technical skills, but still infused by playful lightness.

We wish to impress our customers not simply by our dishes, but by the philosophy fully transfixing our restaurant with respect to every single element, which considers catering as a complex, experience-based genre. We would like to ensure that besides the thoughtfulness behind our dishes also the spirituality of Costes can be sensed in every single detail. In the light of courtesy and our customer-orientated approach we are striving to offer our customers a lasting experience.

The years-long professional experience of Eszter Palágyi gives her the confidence for the accomplishment of the novel solutions and cooking technology routine and experience gained in 2 to 3 Michelin star kitchens during several years offers her a continuous experimenting possibility, which constitutes the basis of our Michelin star cuisine.

Head Chef Eszter Palágyi
A very creative Chef, with 14 years experience working in many Michelin Star restaurants.
A strong handed person, keeping up the compromise free standards of Costes Restaurant.
Culinary experience:
Hilton Budapest, Hibiscus London, Aspinal Privet Club London, L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon London, Taubenkobel Austria…
Her Biggest influence food wise was Taubenkobel Restaurant in Austria because of the Bio, and local products and the pride of their traditional gastronomic background. In her every day work she is creating innovative dishes with hungarian products and traditional combinations, but bringing them to high gastronomic level.

The Team at Costes
The team at Costes works together to provide each guest a remarkable service and unforgettable dishes. Our experienced staff are commited and enthusiastic who always seeking to give comfort and quality to every customer to the dining experience.
When it comes to ingredients, techniques and to hire great employees, we have always been true to our concept of „quality gastronomy without compromises”.



1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 4.

Dress code: Smart casual. Access: Múzeum körút - Ráday Street. In case you arrive by car, we offer free parking in Hotel Ibis (Ráday Street 6.), depending on the available parking places. Please, inform the reception that you were the guest of Costes Restaurant.

Phone: +36 1 219 0696 (Available: CET 10:00-22:00)
Fax: +36 1 219 0697
Information, reservation:

Károly Gerendai, Ernő Mesterházy, László Szigedi, Márton Anka

Dinner: 18:30-23:00 from Wednesday to Sunday