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Located in Raday street, Costes restaurant, the first member of Costes Group, opened its doors in the summer of 2008. After undergoing a thorough refurbishment, its sleek minimalist design was born.

Being regular diners in Michelin restaurants, the owners had the ambition and the knowledge, which met with their commitment to offer gourmet cuisine. This initiated the Hungarian gastronomy evolution, which has happened since then.

Under Miguel Rocha Vieira’s leadership, a Portuguese-born chef, who, despite his young age, had significant experience as he worked under the direct supervision of elite chefs such as Ferran Adria, Anne Sophie Pic, Erwan Louaisil amongst others. The restaurant reached a milestone two years later as it became one of the first restaurants in Central and Eastern Europe to earn a Michelin Star.

Since its debut, Costes restaurant has consistently been recognized worldwide. In 2014, it was ranked the 25th best restaurant in the world and 14th best in Europe by TripAdvisor for serving exquisite dishes prepared by a passionate team, using the best ingredients and modern techniques, steadily maintaining prominent quality of food and service.

Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira
Our corporate Executive Chef, Miguel Rocha Vieira, who graduated from the Cordon Bleu London and later became very much affiliated with the “MasterChef Portugal”, one of the biggest cooking competitions in the world is an absolute perfectionist. He derives his motivation and enthusiasm from the guests’ appreciation for a great dish. It becomes a gastronomic performance showcasing the locally-grown fresh ingredients, the team, the ideas, the history and the tradition and culture.

“One of the best things about cooking is that we wake up and start from scratch, and every day we have the opportunity to either hit a home run or strike out.”

Our continuous success owes itself to the fact that we have always prioritized exceptional quality and have never been satisfied with less than the finest. This is also why most of the ingredients we use are supplied by local producers with whom we have exclusive deals with such suppliers as our “Foie Gras” supplier who produces the duck liver in the region of “Kiskunmajsa” in a vertically integrated farm. Our vegetable supplier, grows his crops in sync with our chef, the finest wild venison from Somogy, the “Mangalica” Pig, a Hungarian breed known as the pork version of “Kobe Beef”, and the “Kőteleki” beekeepers, who have been producing 100% pure natural honey for over 5 generations.

Because locally-grown ingredients are grown and picked right before delivery, they have more time to develop a full flavour, while bypassing preservation processes and looking fresher and more succulent.

We will stay faithful to our concept of “Quality gastronomy without compromises.”


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1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 4.

Dress code: Smart casual. Access: Múzeum körút - Ráday Street. In case you arrive by car, we offer free parking in Hotel Ibis (Ráday Street 6.), depending on the available parking places. Please, inform the reception that you were the guest of Costes Restaurant.

Phone: +36 20 926 7837 (Available: CET 10:00-22:00)
Fax: +36 1 219 0697
Information, reservation: [email protected]

Károly Gerendai, Ernő Mesterházy, Márton Anka

Dinner: 18:30-23:00 from Wednesday to Sunday (Last food orders at 22:00 hours.)