Most people would like to have many interesting experiences in their lifetime. However, we don’t have time to do everything we want. Of the experiences and impressions that affect us every day, only very few remain as truly defining, important memories for years to come. That’s why we like to be selective about what we devote our time to, and instead of easily forgettable experiences, we look for the unforgettable. And it is hard for us to believe loud promises, since our imagination is limited by everyday experiences.

At COSTES GROUP, we have been dedicated from the very beginning to offering our guests real experiences instead of easily forgettable moments. We are motivated when you expect a lot from us, because it inspires us to give more. Whether it’s fine dining, when we conquer the pinnacle of gastronomy with unique and inimitable flavors, offering an easy experience combined with elegant service. Whether it’s a vibrant cocktail restaurant, where we live every moment and have an experience that affects all our senses. Or whether it’s about events where we rethink the world of gastronomy from the ground up and work to create eternal value in every moment.

Costes Group Hungary, founded in 2008 by Károly Gerendai, is one of the most decisive and innovative players in the catering sector. Over the past 16 years, our dedicated team has gained diverse experience at the highest level of gastronomy through our Michelin-starred restaurants such as Costes Restaurant, Rumor Restaurant by Jenő Rácz, and Costes Downtown, also recommended by Michelin.
In addition, Costes Izakaya, which represents Asian fusion cuisine, LUPA Beach, which evokes the atmosphere of the seaside in Budapest, and a soon-to-be-opened, unique place – which reinterprets the relationship between gastronomy and entertainment – are all efforts to make the name COSTES synonymous with an experience beyond imagination.

Costes Group. Imagine More.


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